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Healing through Humor Series
Healing through Humor Series
Caroline Rhoads, MSW Intern
2nd Monday of the Month: 5:00pm-6:00PM EST
Join us for our monthly sessions of Healing Through Humor. Each month we will learn a new improv skill and explore how this can help us in everyday situations. Laughter sometimes begets the best lessons. Sign on for an hour of play. Participants are encouraged to leave their judgment and inner critics at the door and reap the benefits of a bit of silliness. As the old adage says "laughter is the best medicine."

12/14/20: Healing Through Humor: How Spontaneity Helps us in Everyday Life
Spontaneity (responding to familiar situations in new ways). This could benefit our patients & caregivers by strengthening their ability to remain nimble or adaptive despite stress. How could spontaneity help in a scenario where things don't go as planned during a treatment visit or interaction with a caregiver? How can we get creative in our every day lives so that unexpected events don't derail our day?

1/11/21: Healing Through Humor: The "Yes And" Rule
Relationships and Communication (teaching YES AND rule) Collaboration and communication is the main theme here. Saying YES more and seeing where it takes us.

2/8/21: Healing Through Humor: Trying on New Roles for Size
Advocacy (advocating for self) We could explore this by playing character games and try on different roles or archetypes that make us feel strong, thus reinforcing a client's autonomy. A fancy way to say this would be "role training."

3/8/21: Healing Through Humor: Storytelling & Letting go
Letting go, making peace with what we can't control. This session would focus on group work and storytelling. Part of improv is letting go of how you think things should go to make way for what your team (or colleagues or caregivers) bring to the table as an offer.

4/12/21: Healing Through Humor: Playing with our Past and Present Selves
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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