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Drum It Out! and The Soundtrack of Your Life
May 11 Drum It Out

September 14 Drum It Out

November 9 The Soundtrack of your life

Percussionist Josh Robinson will facilitate an interactive workshop called "Drum It Out!" teaching us how to use drumming as a coping tool, a vehicle for healthy expression/emotional release, and a fun way to connect with others in an authentic and engaging way. Participants can use found objects such as wooden spoons, dowels, or any other "drum stick like" objects they can find and play on buckets, trash bins, or any other object that makes some substantial noise. More info available at

"The Soundtrack of your life" We all have a soundtrack that marks the many chapters of our lives. The places we've lived, the relationships, vacations, car rides, and various adventures. This workshop will take you back on a musical reflection through your musical past, your stories, and the role music played in those moments. Participants will share a short story about what their song represents and then we will listen to a portion of the song. Others will be encouraged to share different experiences or meanings that song represents afterwards. (ie: a song that reminds you of the summer you got your driver's  license cruising down the road may remind someone else of a friend that moved away) There is also a listening relaxation/wellness portion where Josh will play live relaxing music
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